Enterprise Europe Network - Andalucía

CULTURAL FIT SOLUTIONS, the Andalusian spin-off receives support from CESEAND, the Andalusian node of the Enterprise Europe Network, facilitating the company the access to investors, to new markets and new clients

Discovering  the talent that best fits your company culture: the Sevillian startup CULTURAL FIT SOLUTIONS has created a digital AI tool for companies to reduce failed hires by up to 80%,

The company offers a value assessment platform that effectively identifies the candidates with the ideal mindset for the position and company culture, by measuring, predicting and aligning people’s engagement with organizational culture and values.

Services provided by the European Enterprise Network

The company has received different types of assessment and service support from the CONSEJO ANDALUZ DE CÁMARAS DE COMERCIO, Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia, IDEA Agency, both of them partners of the CESEAND Consortium, the Andalusian node of the Enterprise Europe Network.

CONSEJO ANDALUZ DE CAMARAS DE COMERCIO, as the Hub of the company implemented a needs assessment to identify the concrete needs to be addressed by the EEN advisors, with the final objective to help the company to Scale-up in the Single Market and to consolidate its business.

From the spoke, IDEA Agency advisers met with the responsible of the company on various occasions providing them the «Investment readiness assessment» service, that is, reviewing that their business model was investable, complementing and modifying elements of the «deck». The services included checking that the business model was attractive for venture capital. Multiple modifications were discussed and applied in the investor deck.

The spoke provided advice on how to address business angels and venture investors and put CULTURAL FIT SOLUTIONS in contact with investors and clients to validate the hypothesis launched. The result was that CULTURAL FIT SOLUTIONS closed a seed investment of 150 k € with 3 BA.

Furthermore, CESEAND facilitated to CULTURAL FIT SOLUTIONS the service of advice on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights).

Info on the Network’s impact on the company

CESEAND, the Andalusian node of the Enterprise Europe Network, has accompanied CULTURAL FIT SOLUTIONS in succeeding two important milestones that have helped this spin-off to achieve not only greater visibility but also to gain levels of growth:

  • As a result of the support services provided by the Hub and the different Spokes (IDEA Agency), the company achieved:

(1) the provision of support services focuses the Participation in International and Single Market activities (CAMARAS), thanks to which the company successfully participated in the ENI CBC MED fund;

(2) advisory services to raise pre-seed and seed funding (IDEA Agency), via which the company closed a seed investment.

  • The company was one of the winners of the ‘Technological Challenge’ launched by the CONSEJO ANDALUZ DE CÁMARAS DE COMERCIO (Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce) and the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, as an initiative to promote innovative and technological responses to the main problems of the Andalusian industrial sector and thus to contribute to the improvement of its productivity and competitiveness, through the attraction of talent.
  • On the other hand, CULTURAL FIT SOLUTIONS was selected to be a beneficiary company of the call for Startups within the European INTECMED Project, allowing them to leap in quality in the growth and scaling process of the company.